AlleyeSun's Tibetan Name - Refuge Certificate
     Triple Jewel Meaning

AlleyeSun was given the Tibetan Buddhist name Triple Jewel
by Tharchin Rinpoche.


'Triple Jewel'= "the Teacher, the Teachings, & the Students"

The two sides of the Certificate of Refuge (sanctuary in the truth)

Tharchin Rinpoche [thar-chihn rihn-poh-shay]
Tibetan Buddhist Monk gave AlleyeSun her name,

Tharchin Rinpoche,
of the Nyingma Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

Nyingma means the lineage of Scribes, of the writers, guardians of the treasures.
'Treasures' represents the collection of 'Jewels' that represent Enlightenment. In Buddhism to achieve Enlightenment takes clarity of mind, as clear as an exquisite jewel, thus, the Jewel is the symbol of Wisdom and Enlightenment.

he says,
" The Guides teach beings according to their needs; wherever any can be taught, they manifest a supreme incarnation. The bodies of the Buddhas and the world's beings are all without self: realizing this, bodhisattvas attain true awakening and explain it to others". (The Flower Ornament Scripture, by Tharchin Rinpoche.)

AlleyeSun's Tibetan Name

Meaning of the Triple Jewel

Kon Chog Cho Tso   =   "Triple Jewel" Dharma Lake  (Tibetan)

'Triple Jewel'= "the Teachings, the Teacher, & the Students ... of Enlightenment (Buddhism)".

The ultimate knowledge is achieved through the Triad of Three, the balance that perpetuates the wisdom in the truth,
To be a Student, then a Teacher, keeping the cycle of learning and teaching going on and escalating into evolutionary qualities ...

some of my Current Teachers are:   Masaru Emoto, Sylvia Browne, Tom Brown, Cris Angel, Dannion Brinkley..."

As they say, in Ancient Sanskrit.

"Om, Mani Padme, Om = 'Mani': "Jewel"(wisdom) + (in the) 'Padme': "Lotus"(truth)
The Jewel represents Wisdom, which exists from Clarity of Mind,
The Lotus represents Truth, which contains Wisdom.

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